If you are interested in hiring or locating lawyers in Lisbon, make sure that you check there references thoroughly. MX Properties, Inc for 16 months had been working with consultant John S Diak to secure long term funding for its company. In mid November, Mr Diak contact MX Properties officials with the good news that alas, it's long awaited funding would finally be released. This met with great enthusiasm by MX as it had been dragged through months and months of pure torment. That said, quickly into the conversation, John S Diak notified MX Properties officials that an $11000 payment would be required to close the initial phase of the transaction. This was a very troubling revelation for our company because MX had funded nearly $1mm as directed by John S Diak to secure banking financial instruments. These financial instruments we were told by Mr Diak would be traded and the profits from the trades would go to fund MX Properties, Inc ongoing business activities.  

To give comfort to MX Properties, Inc that its funds would not be maliciously taken, the company required in writing confirmation that upon payment of the $11000 that its funds would be released without delay. On 16/11/2016, Lisbon lawyer, Carmen De Souza, composed and signed a letter addressed to John Diak that clearly stated upon payment of the $11000 for these undefined "fees", MX Properties initial funds in the amount of $5mm Euro would be released "IMMEDIATELY". Then, two days later, Carmen De Souza wrote a follow-up letter dated 18/11/2016, that stated "we have instructed the 'bank' for doing the payments". Finally, MX officials felt confident that its long awaited transaction would begin closing. Sadly several days went by and no funds were received by the company as promised by Carmen De Souza in her two letters. Days became weeks and weeks quickly turned into months still with no results. MX Properties, Inc began a vigorous campaign contacting lawyer Carmen De Souza but received no answer as to the company's many inquiries. The only communication that MX received came from John Diak, but these conversations just amounted to daily excuses and broken promises. 

The intrigue further continued with mysterious emails from individuals who were not even identified in either of Carmen De Souza's emails. Open threats, harassment and plain lies were contained in these emails. Several of the comments contained downright libelous attacks against MX Properties, Inc. The company at this time cannot disclose the identity of these individuals because they are not named in Ms De Souza's correspondence nor does MX understand their purported role if any in the transaction.

We just call upon Carmen De Souza to ensure that MX Properties, Inc initial finding be released immediately. MX acted in complete good faith and complied entirely with the demand by Ms De Souza to funds the "fees" for the closing of its transaction.

While MX Properties, Inc has had problems with this particular attorney, there are many fine businesses and lawyers in Lisbon Portugal